Goethe, WertherH. Irrmisch
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Top Dogs, Urs WidmerH. Irrmisch
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Manscaped 2H. Irrmisch
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Manscaped 1H. Irrmisch
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synchron   /   dubbing  /  Film

Liste Studio-Arbeit

"Danny Collins" TOM

"Pelé, Birth of a Legend" FEOLA

"The Water Deviner" CONNOR

"Dark Horse" GENESIS

"The Beatles" Dokumentation, PAUL

Werbung / commercials

"Deine Eier danken Dir"  MANSCAPED™ 



"The Fast and the Famous"

Voice   Over   /   Dokumentation

"The Story of Masters"

"Audio Obscura"

"Sandboarding on Dragon Hill"


"Born To: James Woods"


"Power & Martial Arts"

"Street Kings in Jail"

"Born To: Nani Roma I"

"Dangerous Waters"

"Vini Vici"

"Beat N' Path"

"Born To: Rune Gilfberg

"Born To: Crashing with Bike"

"Born To: Nani Roma II"

"Endurance, 48 hours at SPA"

Animation    Movies

"Gormiti" ERON

"Gormiti" KRATUS

"Gormiti" KING KORI

"Gormiti" VOIDUS

"Gormiti" CRYPTUS